The Expano pavilion, an exceptional architectural creation as well as an incredible and original site tailored to the development of our region. That’s how we can describe the center that awaits you at the entrance to the town of Murska Sobota, aptly named the gates to Pomurje.

Its content invites you to the region and presents our lands, the region's tourist activities, tradition, natural features, and peacefulness in an innovative, modern, yet familiar manner. However, it does not forget those with business interests and seekers of opportunities of a different sort.

Our role is clear. We connect the economy, the providers of tourist products and services, to promote collaborations and the region’s offer, activate and enhance the destination, increase recognizability, and enter markets jointly. We create new opportunities and partnerships for the development of new products and services as well as investments and new user experiences. We promote unique stories from the Pomurje region and the many advantageous of our destination for select target markets. We build and promote community tourism that creates business opportunities and new connections.


Expano and the activities under its auspices are managed by the Murska Sobota Development Centre, which in addition to the aforementioned also focuses on the economic development of the region. With information on investment and other business opportunities in the region, the center is becoming an ambassador for the economy of the Pomurje region for domestic as well as potential foreign investors and business partners. Through one of the Pan-Slovenian SPOT points, it provides useful advice, training, and information to local entrepreneurs and those intent on becoming one.

Are you curious about the Expano pavilion?
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