About Us

The Murska Sobota Development Centre is a regional institution whose aim is to encourage balanced economic, social, and cultural development in the Pomurje region and its administrative center, the city municipality of Murska Sobota. With our professional work as well as knowledge and experience in various fields, we give our best to encourage and execute development projects in the region. Our work is based on the collaboration with you, the user of our services, that is why cooperation and communication are key in order to offer our ideas, knowledge, and services to those who really need them.

Our expert knowledge and experience reach across the fields of regional development, project management, business consulting, and strategic development planning.


Razvojni center Murska Sobota
Kardoševa ulica 2
9000 Murska Sobota

Tax Identification No: SI19252048
Registration No: 5948193
IBAN: SI56 0128 0603 0214 366

Fundamental Values

Honesty, professionalism, focus, reliability, openness, and vision.


A central regional organization that is indispensable for the vision, coordination, and creation of development content in the Pomurje region.


To promote a sustainable use of resources, to strengthen the competitiveness of the economy, and increase the quality of life of everyone in the Pomurje region by connecting and strategically guiding as well as transferring knowledge, experience, and innovation.

Aleš Skalič
Helga Lukač
Iris Lanščak
Nina Merica
Sabina Potočnik Magdič
Simon Sukič
Sonja Vratarič
dr. Tadej Pirc
Coordinator for International Projects
Tine Novak
Ksenja Smej Matjašec
Maša Zemljič
Saša Karlovčec
Tatjana Prelog
Ivana Borovič
Nathan Kočar
Vasilij Žitek
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