Our Services

Collaboration between many different experts from various fields always results in a successfully prepared and executed project. Combining knowledge and experience, yours as well as ours, guarantees an excellent application to a public procurement. Our services can help you with that in many ways – we can take over the preparation of the entire application and investment documents, we can advise you with defining goals or evaluate the project and even help with specific areas for which you do not have resources.

We find open and effective communication with clients extremely important, following the principles of transparency, creativity, and innovation in our work. All this is made possible by a good relationship that instills trust in all parties involved.

You often hear that projects are an end to themselves and do not bring added value to real life. Through our work, we have been able to contribute to interesting but also beneficial and developmentally oriented projects in the Pomurje region, thus we can confidently say that that is not the case.

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