The Region

Pomurje is the most eastern and flattest Slovenian region that has once again found its confidence in recent years and is aware of its many advantages. Hard work and efforts to shine and achieve the fastest yet sustainable development of all Slovenian regions have resulted in more and more successful economic investments and an increase in the number of young companies, which are responsible for the accelerated development of the region and higher employment rates in Pomurje.

Pomurje lies in the area of an international transport corridor and railway connections, with five capitals within a 300-km radius — Vienna in Austria, Zagreb in Croatia, Budapest in Hungary, Bratislava in Slovakia, and Ljubljana in Slovenia, an easy access to a market of over 12 million people. This ensures an excellent strategic position for Slovenian as well as foreign investors who are increasingly utilizing the region's potential.

Yet Pomurje's potential is not limited to its companies and the growing economy; the unspoiled nature and many natural beauties have seen an increase in the number of tourists, domestic and foreign. Goričko Nature Park, stretching over 46 hectares of land, stands out as the second largest nature park in Slovenia. Then there are also the Wine-growing Region of Jeruzalem, home to one of the most recognizable Slovenian wine brands, and Mura Biosphere Reserve, which is a part of the Natura 2000 sites and was recently added to UNESCO's Man and Biosphere Programme. By joining the other 685 international biosphere reserves, the River Mura and its basin were put on the world map of the most valuable natural reserves.

Administratively, Pomurje is divided into 27 municipalities that stretch over 1,337 km2 of land. Its cultural, economic, administrative, and educational center is the city municipality of Murska Sobota, with its 19,655 residents and lively events. You can read more about the city municipality of Murska Sobota at

of land
Goričko Nature Park
Wine-growing Region of Jeruzalem
Mura Biosphere Reserve, foto: Klemen Urbančnik
Murska Sobota – center of the Pomurje region
In Slovenia, even the distant Northeast is not that far, especially with all of the interesting things that await you there.
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