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The region's development is closely connected to the companies that operate in it, and the key factor for a successful business is how much the region is developed. It is about the inseparable connection where cooperation and a stimulating environment play a significant role. The Murska Sobota Development Centre wants to help you by developing and supporting these efforts – in the form of regular notifications about activities, public procurements, and events related to the promotion of entrepreneurship and the economy. That way, you will always be informed about current events in the region and its surrounding area and never miss good opportunities. It would be our pleasure to advise you in all of the professional fields our experts cover, namely on the preparation of business plans, marketing, and management, as well as on how to internationalize your company and on development opportunities, investment possibilities, and government incentives.

Our main activities are
educating and training with the purpose of honing knowledge and skills needed in the business world
stimulating and creating opportunities for young people
supporting potential investors and spot opportunities for investors
connecting public and private spheres, entrepreneurs, investors, and local communities
ensuring penetrating business services

We invite you to contact or visit us if you encounter a business challenge that keeps you up at night. Our experts will gladly help you find a solution and may even surprise you with one that you would not have thought of yourself.

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Key areas of our operation

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