Regional Development

The Murska Sobota Development Centre (RC MS) is the leading regional development agency in the Pomurje region, entered in the registry of regional development agencies at the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology, that performs general development tasks in the public interest in collaboration with the Sinergija Development Agency, Prlekija Development Agency, PORO, Development Agency Gornja Radgona, Institute for Tourism and Development Lendava.
We perform tasks related to the development of the region in two ways: the bottom-up approach, which represents the regional level, and in order to find synergy and contact points, the top-down approach, representing the national level. The collaboration runs on both a horizontal and vertical level, and the purpose of our work is to solve existing challenges, set priority tasks, search for development potential, and guide toward the realization of goals. In this context, the Murska Sobota Development Centre is more narrowly focused on the economy and entrepreneurship.

We also perform tasks and activities under the Program for Promoting the Competitiveness of the Pomurje Region 2010–2019 in accordance with the Development Support for the Pomurje Region 2010–2019 Act.

In our work, we follow key strategic directions:
We ensure a balanced regional development of the Pomurje region.
We transfer good practices of a balanced development at the local and regional level.
We participate in the preparation of strategic national documents in the fields of regional development, comprehensive development of the countryside, employment, promotion of entrepreneurship, social inclusion etc.
In what direction would you develop the Pomurje region?
We are always excited to hear good ideas!
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